Peter Stekl, ocean background

The Five Pillars of Health

Perhaps you are here because you have tried many solutions to regain your health but feel there is still something missing. I know how it feels because of my own chronic illness which led me on a 32 year quest to find answers. Each of the healing models I came across, including all the ancient and modern ones, had benefits but also each didn’t go deep enough into addressing the root cause. From the fruits of my health crisis has sprung a new road map to healing which is based on 5 pillars to health.

My name is Peter Stekl. Through my own health crises that took me in and out of hospitals for over 2 decades, I was led to a powerful discovery of healing. This opened my eyes to a new way of helping people regain their health and zest for life. Over the past 32 years I have developed an approach to healing that allows the Whole Being to come to wellness.

Through the use of Bio Resonance Technology, emotional and spiritual clearing, biophysics and nutritional guidance, the layers and areas of distress are identified and peeled away as I hold for you the memory of the Divine Spark and gently guide you to merge Body and Spirit together.
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